Is Your Child Suffering From an Ear Infection?
By Peekaboo Pediatrics
August 28, 2019
Category: Child Safety
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According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, five out of six children will have an ear infection Ear-Infectionbefore they turn three years old. Do you think your child may be suffering from an ear infection? If so, there are signs you can look out for and easy tests that can be performed by your pediatrician. The doctors at Peekaboo Pediatrics in Houston, TX, have a legacy of providing their young patients with exceptional pediatric care and treatments, including diagnosing and clearing ear infections.

What Causes an Ear Infection in a Child?
Fluid on the ear (in the eardrum particularly) is usually the cause of an ear infection in a child. The fluid carries bacteria that creates the infection, irritating, and inflaming the tissues inside of the ear. The symptoms of an ear infection include:

- Pain in the inner ear.
- Fever.
- Incessant crying.
- Hearing challenges.

How an Ear Infection Is Diagnosed and Treated
When you visit Peekaboo Pediatrics in Houston, TX, to diagnose an ear infection in your child, your pediatrician will perform a test called a tympanometry. It is an easy and pain-free test that looks at the condition of the middle ear and measure hearing ability. If an infection is present, your child’s doctor will make the determination if antibiotic therapy is necessary, and remove trapped fluid in the ear to hasten healing.

No More Ear Infections
If you think about the possible ways that your child may have developed an ear infection, you can take steps to reduce the chance of it happening again. Here are some tips for how to prevent ear infections in children:

- Wash your hands frequently when handling your child, and also keep his or her hands clean.
- Keep up with your child’s vaccination schedule (particularly the pneumococcal vaccine).
- Avoid exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke.
- Consider ear tubes with your pediatrician if your child gets ear infections very frequently.

Talk to a Child Doctor at Peekaboo Pediatrics
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