What Occurs During a Well-Child Check Up
By Peekaboo Pediatrics
February 24, 2020
Category: Child Care

Well-child visits offer a simple way to protect your child's health. The visits, offered by your Houston, TX, pediatricians, Drs. Heena Thakkar and Shilpa Pankaj, help you ensure that your child receives immunizations and other services essential for good health.

Well-child visits provide a complete picture of your child's health

If your child has seen the pediatrician a few times this year for sick visits, you may not think that a well-child visit is necessary. Although sick visits do include vital sign measurements, the visits focus primarily on the illness or injury that prompted you to schedule an appointment for your child.

Well-child visits offer a chance to follow up on any diseases or conditions that affect your son or daughter. They also provide valuable information on your child's growth and development and help you ensure that he or she is protected from common childhood diseases. The visits to the Houston pediatric office may include:

  • Measurements and Vital Signs: Before your child sees the pediatrician, the office staff will record his or her height and weight and obtain blood pressure and pulse measurements.
  • Physical Examination: During the visit, your child's doctor will listen to his heart and lungs with a stethoscope and look inside your child's eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. She'll also examine your child's organs by feeling his or her abdomen and evaluate bones and joints.
  • Discussion of Medical History and Any Symptoms: A review of your child's medical history and medications is an important part of the visit. Your child's doctor will ask if he or she is experiencing pain or other symptoms. If your child has a chronic disease or condition, the pediatrician may order a few tests to ensure that the condition is well-controlled.
  • Review of Growth and Development: Annual visits help your child's pediatricians track his or her growth and development. If any issues are detected, she can offer guidance and referrals to specialists, if needed.
  • Hearing and Visions Screenings: Well-child visits may also include basic hearing and vision screenings. Identifying potential problems as early as possible can help your child avoid difficulties at school.
  • Immunizations: Immunizations not only protect your child from developing childhood diseases but also safeguard kids who are too young to be vaccinated or can't receive vaccines due to health issues.

Is it time for your child's well-child visit? Have any questions about child immunizations? Call Drs. Heena Thakkar and Shilpa Pankaj, your child's Houston, TX, pediatricians, at (713) 861-4800 to schedule an appointment.