Ear Piercing

Whether your darling daughter is an infant or teenager, chances are at some point or another, the topic of ear piercing will come up. Some parents love the look a lovely set of diamond studs has on their sweet newborn while others wait until their children desire to have their ears pierced. Whatever your situation, it’s important to understand why having your child’s ears pierced by a physician is critical to keeping them healthy.

Ear piercing is quick but because it requires piercing through the skin, there’s always a possibility of infection or transmission of diseases. At Peekaboo Pediatrics, we hold ourselves to a standard far above what you would find at any tattoo shop or piercing shop in the mall. Every tool we use is designed to minimize pain and is sterilized so that there isn’t any transmission of bacteria. Additionally, we provide extensive knowledge of anatomy so we understand where the best place to pierce is to avoid hitting any nerves or vessels.

We also provide hypoallergenic earrings so that your baby or child doesn’t experience an allergic reaction to outside earrings that contain metals like nickel. Because piercing is already irritating to the skin, using hypoallergenic earrings helps to promote healing by reducing any further irritation.

Once your child’s piercing is complete, we provide aftercare instructions so that infection doesn’t set in. This includes information on how to clean the earlobe, what to look for in terms of infection, and how to handle any infection if it does occur. 

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