Newborn Care: The First Visit

Newborn Care: The First Visit

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How to Prepare for Your Baby’s First Visit to the Doctor

Heading in for your baby’s first check-up, also known as the well-baby check-up, is important because it gives parents valuable insight into the condition of their child. During this first check-up, the doctor may be able to spot any unusual developments affecting your baby. If you have experienced any feeding issues, this is also the time to bring them up.

Typically, a well-baby check-up should be scheduled within three to five days of the baby’s arrival. Don’t wait too long because that could lead to an easily treatable issue becoming a more serious problem.

How do you prepare your baby for their first dose of newborn care?

Start by making sure that you are not coming to the doctor’s appointment alone. Ask your partner or anyone comfortable caring for the baby to come along so they can offer some assistance.

Next, bring items that your baby will likely need including diapers, sanitary wipes, and items they need for feeding. Dress your baby up in clothes that will allow them to stay comfortable. You should also bring a change of clothes just in case.

You will also have to fill out some paperwork before the consultation. Fill out the paperwork yourself or ask the person who accompanied you to handle it. After filling out the application, you can wait in the car with your baby so the two of you can relax in a more controlled environment.

Pay a visit to Dr. Thakkar and Dr. Pankaj of Peekaboo Pediatrics if your child needs newborn care in Houston, TX.

What Does Initial Newborn Care Involve?

Well-baby check-ups primarily involve the doctor examining the baby’s body closely. These check-ups are very thorough because the doctor is trying to spot anything unusual that may require additional treatment. If there is an issue identified, additional tests may be ordered by the doctor to confirm a diagnosis.

During this examination, the doctor may also ask you questions about your baby’s feeding and diaper habits. Share everything you can so the doctor can determine if there is anything wrong. Your doctor may also administer the Hepatitis B vaccination if your baby has not received it yet.

Take this opportunity to ask any questions you have regarding newborn care. There is no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to your child’s care so feel free to ask anything that comes to mind.

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