Why Physicals Matter in Houston, TX

Whether your child is about to go back to school or participate in sports, chances are good they are going to need a physical first. While you could head to a local walk-in clinic for a physical, the care you’ll receive from our Houston, TX, pediatricians Dr. Heena Thakkar and Dr. Shilpa Pankaj here at Peekaboo Pediatrics is more personalized, accurate, and thorough. Here’s why you should turn to our pediatrician for your child’s next physical:

Safeguard Your Child

One of the biggest reasons that parents should bring their children in for physical examinations is to make sure that their children are having their health fully evaluated by a medical professional. Here at Peekaboo Pediatrics, our pediatricians and our entire staff not only specialize in providing children and teens in Houston, TX, with comprehensive medical care that’s tailored to them, but they also pride ourselves on providing families with preventive care to protect kids from developing health problems along the way. One of the best ways to prevent illness and disease is by making sure that your child is getting an annual physical.

What Goes into a Physical

A physical allows our pediatricians to be able to monitor your child’s development and growth, making sure to pinpoint potential issues right away when early interventions can make a world of difference for the health and wellbeing of your child. Physical examinations allow us to check vital signs, reflexes, and the health of your child’s organs, systems, and body in general. During your child’s physical, we may also administer certain screenings, check to make sure that they are healthy enough for the sport that they want to play this year or administer vaccines to safeguard against certain potentially dangerous infectious diseases.

Your Child’s Health is Our Top Priority

Children who are dealing with preexisting conditions, as well as children who are taking prescription medications, will need to come in for routine physicals to renew their prescription and make sure health problems are being properly managed. Here at Peekaboo Pediatrics, your child’s health and wellbeing are our biggest concerns and we provide gentle, compassionate, and welcoming care to kids and teens of all ages in and around Houston, TX.

If you need to schedule your child’s annual physical, call Peekaboo Pediatrics in Houston, TX at (713) 861-4800.

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