Nebulization Treatments for Respiratory Illness

One of the most common issues we see our young patients facing is a respiratory illness like bronchiolitis and asthma.  These require treatments with medications that are given either with an inhaler or a nebulizer. Inhalers with the use of a spacer and safe and effective at any age, while other times nebulization treatment is a better option for our younger patients.

A nebulizer takes a medication and transforms it into a mist that is easier to absorb in the patients lungs. This treatment is particularly effective on children who are too young to take an asthma inhaler and in situations where large doses of inhaled medications are necessary.

To use a nebulizer, you simply add your medication cartridge to the nebulizer’s cup, place the mask over your child’s nose, and have them breathe through their nose until the medication has been completely delivered. This usually takes between 5-10 minutes, and we can give these treatments in our office as well as teach you how to use to machine at home.

When you are giving nebulizer treatments at home, it helps to have your child situated in a comfortable area with activities to keep them entertained - like coloring books, blocks, or books. To get the most from the treatment, we recommend children take slow deep breaths and, if possible, hold their breath for a couple seconds so the medication can set it.

Whether your child has asthma, pneumonia, or another respiratory illness, we recommend you bring him or her in for an exam to determine what’s causing their distress and how we can treat it. Nebulizer treatment is often a great option because it’s simple, pain-free, and non-invasive.

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