Physical Exams: What To Expect

Physical Exams

The moment your child is born, and for the first few years of life, they will be spending quite a bit of time with their pediatrician. This is why finding a pediatrician that you trust is so important for every family. Physical exams are a regular part of every child’s wellness checkups, and they are the best way to make sure that your child is healthy and that they are reaching important developmental milestones.

A routine physical ensures that your child is getting screened for certain disorders and health problems, is up to date on their immunizations and is healthy. You can expect the first visit to our office to take a bit more time; after all, we want to get to know you and your child. You may have questions for us about your child’s health, diet, sleep, and other habits and we can address these during your child’s visit.

Your Child's First Appointment

Your child’s very first appointment will also provide our pediatricians with detailed information about your child’s medical history so we can also assess certain risk factors or genetic predispositions. This is incredibly important to ensuring that your child gets the individualized care they need. Any medical conditions or concerns that were addressed during your child’s initial physical exam will be monitored throughout these regular visits.

Before conducting the physical exam we will document your child’s height, weight, heart rate, and blood pressure. These vital signs will be recorded every time your child comes into the office. During the physical evaluation, our pediatricians will examine every part of your child’s body, from their ears and mouth to their knee joints and toes. We will also observe your child’s behaviors and movements to look for any underlying conditions that may require additional monitoring, testing, or treatment.

While children can be a little nervous during their first exam, we will do what we can to make the visit as easy as possible. A physical exam is not invasive, so there should never be any pain or discomfort; however, you may choose to bring items with you such as a stuffed animal or toy that can calm them or distract them. This is highly encouraged.

The first physical exam will occur within two weeks after the birth of your baby. From there, you should bring them in at,

  • 2 months
  • 4 months
  • 6 months
  • 9 months
  • 12 months
  • 18 months
  • 24 months

After two years you should bring your child in at least once a year for physical exams. Once your child begins school, they will usually need to get a physical examination before the school year begins. Children who also wish to participate in sports will need to undergo a separate sports physical.

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